"I have done work with values and have never seen anything like RivetsThe experience was fantastic!" 

Whitney, RivetsFan



These values tend to be more artistic and expressive in nature. People with more artistic Core Values tend to be drawn toward music, dance, art, film and poetry to express how they feel and to connect with others. Individuals with more Artistic Values highly value thinking outside of the box, thinking differently, and using alternative forms or mediums to express concepts and ideas. 



These are values that we aspire toward. Individuals with more Inspiring Core Values are about trying to reach for the ideal, the best and the most noble. They seek to inspire and be inspired. They desire a world as it should be and they work to achieve that ideal. 


Ethical Values

Ethical Values are moral-based and tend to be about our notions of right and wrong, good and evil and what we should and shouldn't do. Individuals with more Ethical Core Values tend to be driven by doing the right thing, acting on principle and are guided by ethics and morality. 


Productive Values

These values are based in doing, producing and achieving. Individuals with more Production Core Values are results-oriented, focused and tend to look for ways to measure results and outcomes. They desire to make a measurable, meaningful, impact in society and the world. They are about building, producing and achieving.